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Oil & Gas



Practical Solutions for both Drilling and Production Operations

Be it off shore drilling, mature field production, or a new fracking operation, Snyder Industries produces a broad range of IBC products to help improve operational efficiency and safety.   Snyder manufactures both steel and plastic IBCs systems to store and dispense a wide variety of chemicals used to improve oil recovery, maintain flow rates, reduce corrosion and scaling, and improve oil/water treatment operations. 

Snyder IBCs are available with a broad range of options and accessories relevant to the oil and gas industry like top lifting lugs, emergency relief vents and special discharge valve configurations.  Snyder can also line steel IBCs with a thick plastic wall for applications that require a steel construction to meet local fire code regulations, and still achieve the chemical resistance properties of plastic.

The below links represent a sampling of clients we serve in the Oil & Gas Industry:



Composite IBCs


Plastic IBCs


Steel IBCs


Viscous IBCs

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