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New Product Announcements!

Listed below are our newly introduced Products. 



Download Dualtainer™ Brochure 

330 Gallon Dual Tank Transporter - Two (2) 165 Gallon Tanks side by side in one pallet frame for delivery of chemicals, oils, lubricants, DEF or any combination of liquids in one returnable, reusable IBC package! 


CageMaster & ShieldMaster

Introducing - CageMaster™

Whether you have an old fleet of caged IBCs, or you are interested in acquiring new caged IBCs, Snyder’s new CageMaster™.  IBC is designed to meet your needs with a compatible solution. CageMaster™ is uniquely designed to be stacking compatible with most existing caged IBC products. The CageMaster™ is UN/DOT certified and can be used for replacing old bottle/pillows in caged IBCs, including our competition. You now have more options procuring both cages and bottles to modernize your fleet’s capabilities.

Moreover, the interchangeable inner bottle provides better functionality and performance than other caged IBC bottles with a more structurally sound design, improved draining capabilities, and superior fittings and valve options at a price that makes sense.

CageMaster™ is available in 220 and 330 Gallon sizes 


A caged IBC solution for the Canadian Chemical Industry. Whether you have an old fleet of caged IBCs, or you are interested in acquiring new composite IBCs, Snyder’s new ShieldMaster™ IBC is designed to meet your needs with a packaging solution that is stacking compatible with existing caged IBC’s.

ShieldMaster™ provides an interchangeable replacement UN/DOT certified bottle/pillow, so your company has more options procuring both cages and bottles to modernize your fleet’s capabilities.

The interchangeable inner bottle features Snyder’s 30+ years of IBC manufacturing experience provides industry standard Poly IBC Bottle technology for better functionality and performance, improved discharge, superior fittings and valve options for safe transport of hazardous chemicals - at a price that makes sense.

ShiedMaster™ is available in 360 Gallon size.


Excalibur 2


Additional Information on Excalibur

Excalibur2 provides a more durable, maintenance free IBC packaging alternative.

  • 6" Heavy Duty Cap
  • Stacking lugs help align and secure containers in stacked position.
  • Vacuum pressure relief vent enables container to drain freely without any resistance from vacuum pressure.
  • Optional 2" replaceable bung closures with buttress and NPS thread can be easily replaced if ever damaged.
  • UN/DOT Certified (UN31H2) for Packing Group II and III materials per title 49 CFR.
  • Four Way fork-lift and pallet jack entry.
  • 2" bottom drain valve with quick disconnect
  • Unique replaceable foot design is similar to stainless steel IBC legs, it but can be replaced if ever damaged.
  • Proprietary company or product logos can be permanently molded with container wall.
  • 120 Gallons - 330 Gallons range

Sanitary Viscous Flowmaster


Additional Information on Sanitary Viscous 

Sanitary Viscous Liquid Handling for a Variety of Industries that handle viscous liquids in a sanitary environment.

• All Plastic HDPE construction
• Complies with applicable FDA, NSF and USDA standards.
• Seamless, smooth interior surface provides excellent flow characteristics and is 
  easy to clean.
• Large, non-threaded 22” opening for container access.
• HDPE cover with lever lock clamp ring design and full food grade gasket.
• Translucent bin enables users to monitor material usage through the tank wall
  without ancillary equipment.
• Unique sanitary seamless discharge bottom outlet is compatible with a variety of
  sanitary valves.
• Ideal for food products, lotions, cremes, pigments, flavorings, toothpastes, and
  much more.
• Stackable Design.

Flowmaster Heavy Top Lift Hopper



Heavy duty top lift hopper lid designed specifically where
lifting of heavy materials is critical, such as off-shore and
catalyst markets

• Bulk Density Rating of 100 lbs. per cubic foot.
• Reinforced Top Lifting Eyelets.
• Multiple Discharge Outlet sizes - 8”, 10”, 12” Flanged outlets.
• UN/DOT design available.
• 45º or 60º standard hopper angles.

Additional Information Flowmaster Heavy Top Lift

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