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Double Wall IBCs

The Deuce

Two tanks in one for the ultimate in safe and secure liquid transportation. Snyder revolutionary double wall
IBCs provide a built-in secondary containment for an IBC in transit.
The inner polyethylene bottle is encased in an outer polyethylene bottle base to contain any spills.

• Heavy-duty polyethylene bottle enclosed in a 3/8” thick polyethylene secondary containment.
• 330 gallon Deuce meets UN/D.O.T. certified (UN 31H1) for Packing Group II and III per Title 49 CFR.
• UN/D.O.T. certification for 180 gallon Deuce is available upon special request
• 7” screw cap with heavy-duty buttress threads.
• Contains stacking leg positioners for secure stacking two high.
• Available in 180 and 330 gallon sizes.
• Molded four-way forklift entry.
• Sloped bottom assists in complete product drainage.

Capacity Dimension W/D/H S.G. Tare Weight
180 Gallon 43 1/2" x 49" x 36" 2.0 304 lbs.
330 Gallon 43 1/2" x 49" x 57 1/2" 2.0 459 lbs.
  Payloader 330 DW

A tough stackable triple-wall reinforced and insulated all poly 330 gallon container for a wide range of chemical applications.

  • Rugged all polyethylene double wall construction provides
  • superior strength and impact resistance.
  • Frame cavity is insulated with polyurethane foam for temperature sensitive liquids.
  • Protected and secured discharge in a recessed area protected by a sliding gate.
  • Tapered bottom with unique patented discharge system with 2"
  • ball valve attached to molded spout.
  • Manufactured from food grade polyethylene.
  • Space saving stackable design.
  • UN/D.O.T certified (UN31HH1) for Packing Group II and II per Title 49 CFR.
  • A unique complete drainage system.  The 2" valve seals the drain spout using a split ring collar.  A bracket supports the recessed valve to the tank.  The valve
    can be locked in the closed position to prevent accidental discharge.

     Gallons/Liters Tare Weight
    Width Height
     330/1250 331/147 48" 45" 65 1/4"

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