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Part # Gallon Size Weight Width Length Height Fill Cap
68145 160 GAL.   46 46 45 6"
68245 220 GAL. 268 46 46 54 6"
68345 275 GAL. 289 46 46 62 6"
68445 330 GAL. 309 46 46 70 6"


The Industry’s most versatile and durable IBC.            

Now, chemical manufacturers, distributors, and end-users can choose an Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) that offers a variety of options that meet the special needs of the chemical industry, while providing an IBC that delivers the industry’s longest useful life.

The Ultratainer brings together the superior structural integrity of a cylindrical tank with the easy-to-handle benefits of a square shape. Ultratainer is well suited for handling heavy materials up to 1.9 specific gravity (15 lb./gal.).   Ultratainer’s unique cylindrical inner tank design eliminates the corners, ribs and seams prevalent in square or rectangular IBCs which are notoriously difficult to clean.  An optional large cap and drum lid opening provide complete access to the interior of the container for thorough cleaning and inspection.


  • UN/D.O.T. certified (UN 31H1).
  • 4 way forklift and 4 way pallet jack access base.
  • 2" bottom drain valve.
  • 6" fill cap opening with security tether.
  • Molded in gallonage markers.
  • FDA compliant polyethylene resin.
  • Stacking capacity 2-3 high depending on container size, weight, and temperature exposure.

Options add to the Ultratainer’s versatility.

  • Top-lifting lugs allow the use of crane-hook attachments.
  • Cleaning head assembly.
  • Sanitary valve and fitting connections.
  • Anti-teeter bars.
  • Pressure & vacuum relief devices, draw tubes closures, hose assemblies, alternative gaskets and valve materials.
  • Heavy weight design available up to 62 psi. (428 kpa) test pressure rating.

The Ultratainer is just another example of how Snyder Industries responds to your special needs with products that improve your company's efficiency and effectiveness in bulk packaging, handling and transportation.
No wonder we’re North America’s leading manufacturer of polyethylene IBCs.

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