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Wide Mouth Ultratainer


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Part # Gallon Size Weight Width Length Height Fill Cap
60345 220 GAL.    294    46"    46"    54 22/6"
60445 275 GAL.    315    46"    46"    62 22/6"
60545 330 GAL.    335    46"    46"    70 22/6"


Sanitary Ultratainer       

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bulk barrel





Reduce your cost of cleaning, drying and inspection before reuse.

The Ultratainer brings together the superior structural integrity of a cylindrical tank with the easy-to-handle benefits of a square shape. In the past, the expense of cleaning IBCs has seriously eaten into the bottom line profits of companies that reuse these types of tanks. Snyder’s wide-mouth, cylindrical design makes cleaning more cost effective.


  • UN/D.O.T. certified (UN 31H1 / HM-181E).
  • 4 way forklift and 4 way pallet jack access base.
  • 2" bottom drain valve.
  • Molded in gallonage markers.
  • 20" tank opening provides greater access for cleaning, inspecting & drying.
  • 22" threaded cap and gasket has raised molded bosses for quick and easy handling and tightening
  • FDA compliant polyethylene resin.
  • Stacking capacity 2-3 high depending on container size, weight, and temperature exposure.                

Options add to the Ultratainer’s versatility.  

  • Top-lifting lugs allow the use of crane-hook attachments.
  • Cleaning head assembly.
  • Anti-teeter bars.
  • Pressure & vacuum relief devices. 
  • Sanitary connections and Valve.

The Wide Mouth Ultratainer is another example of how Snyder Industries responds to your special needs with products that improve your company’s efficiency and effectiveness in bulk packaging, handling, and transportation.
That’s why we are North America’s leading manufacturer of polyethylene IBCs.



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