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Tank Armor

Patent Pending

Tank Armor™ provides a proprietary Polymer lining that bonds with carbon and stainless steel process tanks to form a seamless 1/4" barrier wall on all wetted surfaces.

Tank Armor Polymer Lining #PEB 869N.

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Pitting corrosion in            Polymer lined steel
stainless steel tank                                                    caused by oxidizing
chemical attack.

Unusual Chemical Attack Requires a Different Storage Solution!

Some chemical formulations can attack stainless steel and permeate plastics.  Snyder exclusive Tank Armor™ process protects the inner wall of the steel tank from damaging oxidizers and the steel is resistant to any hydrocarbons that might permeate the plastic.

Tank Armor™ is available in IBCs and other container, tanker and portable off shore vessel applications.



Patent Pending

ArmorTainer™  Patent Pending

DOT UN31A permits shipment of flammable and combustible liquids.


Typical tank configuration for polymer lining is cylindrical with domed heads or spherical with 204" maximum overall dimensions.



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