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Closed Loop Reusable Container Functionality

Returnable IBCs  

Oneway Disposable Drums & IBCs

Good for your company, your customers, and the environment.

One way disposable drums and IBCs create unnecessary work, waste and risks. Customers are burdened with the costs and labor to segregate, clean, and dispose of one way containers, and the suppliers shipping one way containers could be liable for any misuse of the container and/or its contents on the way to disposal or an attempted reuse of the container in some other applications. There is also the potential risk of a worker being exposed to chemicals during the required triple rinsing and inspection of used one way containers before they will be accepted by a reconditioning or disposal service.

Conversely, a closed loop returnable container system not only eliminates most of the issues associated with one-way containers, but generally provides a more robust container design and improved functional performance for both the shipper and the user. From an economic point of view, Snyder’s returnable and refillable containers are built to last for many trips over many years, so the cost per gallon on the investment becomes fractional over time.

In an effort to maximize the efficiency and safety of a closed loop container design, Snyder IBCs can come equipped with tamper evident and/or proof devices that ensure returned containers can be quickly approved for refilling and released for the next shipment. Snyder IBCs can also be marked with permanent company and product identification data, and/or come equipped with a telemetry monitoring device to help identify containers and coordinate return logistics. 


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